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Class-specific Items are items in Diablo II and Diablo III that can only be equipped by a certain class. A number of item types in both games are also limited to a single class.

Note that while some item types are technically not class-specific, they are of little to no use to classes other than those they are meant for; such as Bows being primarily intended for Amazons and Demon Hunters, yet most other classes can wield them too.

Hirelings and Followers can never use class-specific items.

Diablo III[]

Each Diablo III class has three item types only they can use. All classes have one or two unique weapon types (sometimes one- and two-handed versions of the same concept), with the remainder often including a unique off-hand or headgear type.

Class-specific items may drop for any class, but will never roll stats and skill bonuses that are intended to be used by other classes, not even the character that received the drop despite the Smart Loot system. Even enchanting cannot make a class-specific item roll stats that are not intended for the respective class. Smart Loot severely reduces the frequency of item drops intended for classes other than the current character, and eliminates it entirely in some cases such as Kanai's Cube recipes.

Most class-specific items can be transmogrified into their non-class-specific counterparts (such as Ceremonial Knives to Daggers), and vice versa, but only for classes that can use them. Kadala has a chance to make any selected item roll either a generic type or a class-specific variant for the player's class, if such a variant exists.

Many class Set Items can only be equipped by the intended class, and most set bonuses have no effect on other classes. Kanai's Cube can extract Legendary Item essences from class-specific items, but may not grant their effects to characters of other classes.