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A Chest in Act I

Chests are a common type of container in Diablo III which can be opened for potential treasure. They may be opened by any player by clicking on them like any other object. They may contain items, gems, or gold. It is intended that players encounter a chest every five minutes on average.[1]

There are many different kinds of chests, from simple boxes to ornately decorated varieties, but they all function in the same way, except for the special types listed below.

Resplendent Chests[]


A Resplendent Chest

Resplendent chests are much more rare than normal chests and drop more items than normal chests. They are also guaranteed to contain at least some Rare Items and gems.

They appear as a large chest with a yellow glow. Some spawn randomly in the world, while some spawn guaranteed in certain dungeons.

It is intended that players find a resplendent chest every 10-15 minutes on average.[1]

Radiant Chest[]


A Radiant Chest

Radiant chests contain more loot than common chests, but much less than a Resplendent Chest. They typically spawn after clearing Cursed Chests (see below) or Cursed Shrines.

Depending on the exact event, failure to lift the curse may result in the chest being destroyed. In other events, the chest is guaranteed to appear, but success will provide the player with a second chest. Clearing a Cursed Shrine with perfect score (all 5 waves) is guaranteed to summon a Radiant Chest.

Diabolic Hoard[]

Killing any boss that is a bounty target will summon a Diabolic Hoard chest. These look like much larger Radiant Chests and have a higher guaranteed loot threshold, particularly with more Rare Items and gems.

Diabolic Hoards are also found at the end of a chain of Visions of Enmity, "dropping" from a special Treasure Goblin. It contains a significant amount of loot, scaling with the number of Visions cleared, and including a fairly large number of the crafting materials normally found from bounty reward caches (an equal amount of all five types).

Cursed Chests[]


A Cursed Chest

Main article: Cursed Chest

Cursed Chests are red versions of Radiant Chests, which cannot be opened until an event is completed to de-curse the chest. The exact type of the event varies, but always involves killing monsters around the chest, often within a time limit. Some more difficult events have the potential to award a bonus chest for completing it fast enough. These events may appear as bounties, but also occur throughout the world in general.

Mysterious Chest[]

Mysterious Chest-0

A Mysterious Chest

Mysterious Chests were added in patch 2.4.1, and may spawn in both Campaign Mode and Adventure Mode instead of any normal chest in a suitable zone (see list below), regardless of difficulty. They have a very low chance to appear (roughly 1%), but if they do, they are guaranteed (PC ONLY) to contain an aesthetic item (a set of Wings or a Transmogrification weapon), one (same) for each player in the party. It is NOT guaranteed to drop one for every party member on console.

Visually, they look like a normal chest (with the exception of one in Immortal Throne, which looks like a Resplendent Chest).

The item within the chest depends on the zone:


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