For the unique monster in Diablo III, see Charger (monster).

Charger freezing nearby monsters with Holy Freeze

The Charger is a Paladin build, using the Charge skill.

Charge works great against lone monsters, but is bad at crowd control. If the monsters are somewhat spread in the area, player can try to bounce from one to another.

Stat Point DistributionEdit

Strength: Enough to wear specific equipment.

Dexterity: Enough to wear specific equipment.

Vitality: All remaining points.

Energy: Leave this alone. Equipment will give you what you need.


Primary SkillsEdit

Charge - This is primary attack of the Charger; maxing it allows for highest damage output.

Fanaticism - This tremendously increases damage and attack rating. However, it is not as appealing for this build as some others. The increase to damage is relatively minor compared to the other damage charge gets, and the increased attack speed doesn't benefit charge.

Holy Freeze - This is a useful skill for slowing groups of dangerous, fast enemies. It can be neglected if using a Nightmare Act II Defensive mercenary, as they come with the skill.

Holy Shock - Essentially Holy Freeze that deals twice the damage without the slowing ability.

Holy Shield - This is a lifesaver for the Charger. Since it boosts defense and chance to block, it's a must have for a Charger using a shield.

Conviction: This aura greatly increases the chance to hit thanks to lower enemy defences. It's also a good party aura.

Secondary SkillsEdit


Paladin in Charge mod with Holy Freeze

Vigor - Gives Synergy bonus +20% Damage per level to Charge, and is a useful utility skill.

Might - Gives Synergy bonus +20% Damage per level to Charge

Defiance - Gives Synergy bonus +15% Defense per level to Holy Shield.

Sanctuary - For fighting the Undead.

Salvation - Adds a large amount of resistance.

Vengeance - For dealing with physical immunes.

Zeal - For crowd control.

Resist Fire, Resist Lightning, Resist Cold - passively increases maximum resistances.



Player could also look for a weapon that has Chance to Open Wounds, Ignores Target's Defense, and Chance of Crushing Blow. Deadly Strike is extremely useful given the extremely high amount of physical damage this class does.


Shields are not required for this build. Shields utilized by player must have a high chance to block, high defense and high resists. Many Paladin-class shields cover all of this, so it should be no problem finding one of these. However, if a player wants extra damage and does not spend much time close up (which he shouldn't, as he is a charger) they should not use a shield and instead use a two handed weapon.


Armor that give high defense and resistances are optimal for Charger.


As with most other melee classes, Gore Rider is a nice choice of boots. But as with most builds, the shoes aren't the most important part of their equipment.

Other ItemsEdit

All items that give bonus to life, mana, resists and other needed stuff are worth considering.

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