A rare item with the Holy Bolt charged skill.

Charged items are Magic or Rare Items with a charged item suffix, certain Unique Items, Rune Words, or Naj's Puzzler which is the only Set Item to have charges.

Charged Items allow the wielder to use a specific skill, regardless of Character Class, but only a limited number of times. To engage the skill granted by a Charged Item, left-click your right mouse button Skill Selection. The Charged Item skill is listed near the top of your list of available skills; left-click on its icon to select it. The skill can now be performed by right-clicking on a target. Charged Item skills have a limited number of uses, so be sure to check the item's pop-up description or the lower right-hand corner of the skill icon to see how many charges remain. If any of an item's charges are depleted, you can return to a nearby town and recharge the item by having the local Blacksmith repair it, however, recharging an item is far more expensive than a usual repair.

The Assassin is the only class to have none of her skills available as a charged skill in a suffix, meaning it cannot be found in randomized Magic or Rare items.

Unique ItemsEdit


Hexfire comes with level 6 Hydra charges.

Unique Items with charges:

Rune WordsEdit

Rune Words with charges:

Magic Suffixes - Charged Spells
Amazon Skills — Inner SightMagic ArrowFire ArrowCold ArrowMultiple ShotExploding ArrowIce ArrowFreezing ArrowPower StrikeCharged StrikeLightning Strike
Sorceress Skills — Ice BoltIce BlastFrost NovaGlacial SpikeBlizzardFrozen OrbCharged BoltTelekinesisNovaLightningChain LightningTeleportationFire BoltFire BallEnchantmentMeteor
Necromancer Skills — TeethPoison DaggerBone SpearPoison NovaBone SpiritDim VisionWeakenTerrorConfusionLife TapAttractLower Resistance
Paladin Skills — SacrificeHoly BoltZealVengeanceBlessed Hammer
Barbarian Skills — BashingStunningConcentrationGrim Ward
Druid Skills — FirestormFissureTwisterVolcanoTornado
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