Chancellor eamon2
Chancellor Eamon, Astral Guardian,
is a Super Unique Wraith found in the Chancellor's Tomb.


He is the grandfather of Haedrig Eamon and was the former Chancellor to King Leoric. In death, he guards Leoric's crown to ensure he never returns to the world of the living. As such, he tried to stop The Nephalem from claiming it, but failed.


Chancellor Eamon
He protects Leoric's Crown, an item the player has to recover in order to defeat the Skeleton King during the quest A Shattered Crown. The crown may not be taken until Chancellor Eamon is defeated.

His attack has a very potent Slow on every hit. In addition, he has Knockback and Teleporter affixes.


  • "No! I will not allow you to bring that monster Leoric back to this world!"
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