Champion monsters are the chosen heroes amongst their kind.

Diablo IIEdit

Champions appear like normal monsters, but with a different color palette. In addition their names appear in blue text. They travel in packs and are more powerful than regular monsters: they take more hits to kill, do more damage, and have abilities called affixes, which enable them to do things like teleport away from your attacks or unleash bolts of lightning when they’re struck. Though they are more difficult to defeat, the rewards for killing champions are worthwhile to say the least.

Champion AttributesEdit

In the Diablo II: Lord of Destruction expansion, Champions appear in several variations: Ghostly Champions, Fanatic Champions, Berserker Champions and Possessed Champions.

Ghostly ChampionsEdit

Ghostly Champions appear ethereal. Their walking speed is reduced by 50%. They have a rough 20% chance to deal Cold Damage, and they have 50% Physical Resistance.

Fanatic ChampionsEdit

Fanatic Champions are extremely fast as they have an 100% speed increase. They are however less likely to hit you: they have -70% to Attack Rating.

Berserker ChampionsEdit

Berserkers can deal massive damage (their damage output is multiplied times 4, as is their Attack Rating). They have roughly 1,5 times as much hit points as normal champions, making them formidable opponents. Their defense is usually their weakness: it's advised to take them out as quickly as possible.

Possessed ChampionsEdit

Possessed Champions have massive health (their health pool is multiplied times 12). In addition, as their soul isn't their own, they cannot by affected by Curses.

Diablo IIIEdit

Champion monsters appear in Diablo III as a group of monsters with a blue glow and blue names. They have more health and hit harder than normal monsters, but have a higher chance to drop loot when they are killed. The packs range from three to five monsters (very rarely two or six), usually they spawn in packs of three. Three affixes only appear on champion monsters: Avenger, Fire Chains and Health Link.

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