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For other meanings of the term, see Chain Lightning.
Chain Lightning

Class: Sorceress (Diablo IV)
Skill Category: Major Destruction
Cost: 35 Mana

Unleash a bolt of lightning, dealing Lightning damage and jumping to 4 nearby targets.

Damage Type: Lightning

Chain Lightning is a Destruction Lightning spell used by Sorceress in Diablo IV, a reincarnation of the Chain Lightning from Diablo II and an empowered variant of Lightning.


Chain Lightning actually costs Mana, but does not weaken when it jumps from foe to foe. The number of targets grows with spell rank, although it cannot jump to an enemy already affected by that particular cast.


  • Potent Warding (5): Elemental damage and resistances are increased by 2% per point.
  • Devastation (5): Critical strike chance is increased by 2% per point.
  • Precision Magic (5): Elemental damage increases over time, up to a maximum of 5% per point after 3 seconds. Attacking resets this effect.
  • Inexorable Reach (5): Damage is increased by 3% per point against enemies outside of melee range.
  • Ceaseless Bolts (5): Lightning Critical Strikes increase Critical Strike chance by 2% per point for 5 seconds, up to 10% per point.
  • Overcharge (3): Lightning damage have a 3% chance per point to create Crackling Energy.
  • Convulsions (5): Lightning skills have up to a 2% chance per point to Stun enemies for 3 seconds.
  • Stagger (5): Enemies deal 4% less damage per point for 3 seconds after being hit by Lightning skills.
  • Crackling Aura (5): Deals Lightning damage to a random nearby enemy every 11 seconds (recharge time reduced based on allocated points).
  • Shocking Strikes (1): Each time your Lightning skills hit an enemy, they take 8% increased Lightning damage for 1.5 seconds, stacking up to 40%.
  • Lightning Mastery (1): Lightning damage is increased by 40% against enemies within melee range.
  • Burning Resonance (5): Damaging a Burning enemy has up to a 25% chance to restore 2% Mana per point.
  • Frostbite (5): Damage against Chilled enemies is increased by 2% per point.
  • Endless Winter (1): Critical strike chance against Chilled and Frozen enemies is increased by 30%, but Chill effects no longer Freeze.

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