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"Small and suited for ritual purposes, they are often crafted of materials more simple than metal. Wavy and serrated however, they are better suited for combat than their purpose might imply."

- Game Guide(src)

Ceremonial Knives are a special type of daggers in Diablo III, only usable by Witch Doctors.

Most of the time, though, Witch Doctors will not use the ornamented knives directly, preferring to channel the power of the Unformed Land through these blades. Most Ceremonial Knives are made from bone, but obsidian, chitin, metal, diamond and stone blades can be often encountered in game.

Even The Gidbinn can be found in game as a potent Legendary Ceremonial Knife.

In addition to normal weapon-specific attributes, all Ceremonial Knives may roll Maximum Mana and Mana regeneration.

Ceremonial Knives may be transmogrified into Spears and Daggers. Witch Doctors can also do the other way around if they wish.

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