Caverns of Araneae2

The Caverns of Araneae

The Caverns of Araneae are a location in Act I of Diablo III.

Previously an important passage to the highlands north of Wortham, nowadays only the most hardened adventurers are able to pass through these passages, after it became infested by spiders and their queen, Queen Araneae.



Entrance to the Caverns of Araneae

Various egg sacks and cocooned victims contain gold and treasure, and ghouls feast on what is left from the spiders' victims.

The Dusty Leather satchel, containing Torn Letter and Torn Letter's Response, are found here as well.

Upon killing the queen, an NPC, called Karyna, who is trapped in a nearby web, will ask to be freed, using acid from a nearby pool. She will want to get out of this place as soon as possible, before she goes mad. The way into the Highlands Crossing will become open, through the vacated web barrier.

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Caverns of Araneae3

Early concept art

The caverns had been conceptualized by 2009. They were known simply as "Spider Caves" in this version.[1]


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