Cathan's Traps is an item set in Diablo II.

It is designed for fire-based casters with a generic fire skills bonus on its staff, mana bonuses, and a Faster Cast Rate bonus that finds some use in the early game if more ideal items are not found. The rings provide a good amount of strength and lifesteal and are often used on their own by melee characters looking for an easy boost to their survivability.


Cathan's Traps

Partial Set Bonus

+15-20 Fire Damage (2 Items)
Resist Lightning +25% (3 Items)

Complete Set Bonus

+15-20 Fire Damage
Resist Lightning +25%
10% Faster Cast Rate
Magic Damage Reduced by 3
All Resistances +25
+60 to Attack Rating
+20 to Mana

Cathan's Traps
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