Character: The smell of death surrounds me!

The Catacombs are the second set of levels in Diablo I, consisting of levels 5-8.

There are Shrines and Goat Shrines that give random magical effects or other enchantments, and barrels does appear, just like. Walls and doors are present, but some monsters can open the gates.

This interior is filled dark corridors, with much less open space, a somewhat maze like layout and a much more gloomy atmosphere, as with the Cathedral, with cylinder-shaped towers with stairs which makes your way to the next level.

Just like how every first level of a level set has a staircase up to town, so do the Catacombs; the entrance is a hole looks like a crypt-shaped building near the cows. Mousing over it says "DOWN TO CATACOMBS."


Catacombs contains half of the multiplayer quests, as well as five singleplayer-only quests. Three of the four (but never all) of the singleplayer quests will appear in each game, except for the Chamber of Bone.

The Heavenly Stone, for the singleplayer-only Magic Rock quest, is found on Level 5.

The Book of Blood is only available in random to solve the quest to find an Arkaine's Valor, for the singleplayer-only Arkaine's Valor quest, is found on Level 5.

The Chamber of Bone, for the singleplayer-only the chamber of the same name quest, is found most often on Level 6.

The Book of the Blind is randomly available for the singleplayer-only Halls of the Blind quest, is found on Level 7.

The ever irritant Zhar the Mad (a unique Counselor mage), is randomly found for the singleplayer-quest Zhar the Mad quest on Level 8.

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