For the Diablo III location, see Catacomb.
Act Act I
Quests Sisters to the Slaughter
Levels 4
Monsters Arach, Ratman, Dark One, Dark Shaman, The Banished, Ghoul, Afflicted, Tainted, Gargoyle Trap
Adjacent Zones Cathedral
Area Level Normal 11, 11, 12, 12
Area Level Nightmare 42, 42, 43, 43
Area Level Hell 72, 73, 73, 73
Waypoint Yes

The Catacombs are the final zone of Act I of Diablo II. These ancient corridors are hidden beneath the Cathedral in the Rogue Monastery. The Catacombs have four levels: the first three are random. On the second level is a Waypoint. The Demon Queen Andariel, the Act Boss of Act I, can be found lurking in her throne room on the fourth level. The design of this last level is constant.

Killing Andariel completes the Sisters to the Slaughter quest and unlocks passage to Act II.

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