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"You have the warmatron's attention. Make it count."

- Cassia(src)

Cassia is an Amazon warrior, and current warmatron.


Early Life[]

A powerful warrior, Cassia belonged to nomadic bands who roamed the plains near the South Sea. The wandering of these groups often brought them into conflict with other peoples, so Cassia was accustomed to fighting to defend her own. She was much sought after as a mercenary—Cassia was loyal to those who hired her, as long as her own ends were also served.[1]

The Prime Evils[]

With the return of Diablo to the mortal realm, Cassia traveled to Khanduras, where she allied with a group of heroes who were likewise driven to defeat the darkness.[2] In the ruins of Tristram, she was the one who freed Deckard Cain from his cage. His legs buckled, but she caught him before he fell. He ended up joining them in their quest.[3]

The quest culminated with the defeat of the Prime Evils, but also much loss, including the destruction of the Worldstone.[2] Despite the warnings of the Horadric scholar Deckard Cain as to what the event might portend for Sanctuary, the heroes disbanded and returned to their homes and families.[4]


"When the oracles foresaw the Dark Exile, our warriors trained for millennia. Their vision was proven right when I defeated the Prime Evils. But their predictions did not end there. The demonic hordes would come again. And the Askari would need an army."

- Cassia(src)


Cassia trains her fellow Amazons

Cassia was changed by her ordeal, having seen hatred, terror, and destruction firsthand. She decided that if the Askari were to survive the coming darkness, they needed an army. She thus returned to Skovos to begin training her fellow Amazons immediately. She ascended through the ranks of the Amazon Caste to become their most legendary commander. She received the rank of warmatron, and received the warmatron's armor from Queen Xaera herself.[5]

C. 1273, she made an order to Charsi for a ceremonial spear.[6]


Diablo II[]

Cassia is the canonical representation of the Amazon class in Diablo II.

Heroes of the Storm[]

Cassia is a playable hero in Heroes of the Storm, representing the Amazon class ("Javazon" build).

Her armor is reminiscent of the original Amazon attire, though more complex, with trident and a shield, complete with a pack of javelins on the back.

Her abilities include Avoidance, Valkyrie, Ball Lightning (inspired by Lightning Bolt and Lightning Strike), Fend and Lightning Fury. As talents, she also can gain True Sight, Impale, Pierce and Penetrate, and even Thundergod's Vigor.

One of Cassia's armor tints of the basic skin (appropriately named Wondrous) seems to be based on Wonder Woman.

Personality and Traits[]


Cassia in her youth

Due to her experiences as a nomad, Cassia is fiercely independent, and is able to weather severe hardship and travel.[1] Her skill with the bow rivals that of the Rogues, and she is also adept in the use of spears and javelins, along with hand to hand combat.[1] With superhuman agility, Cassia relies on magic to enhance her significant martial abilities.[7]

Cassia is tall, and Cain considered her to be beautiful. In her youth, she possessed golden hair,[3] though it turned gray as she aged.[8]


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