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Cartographers toolkit

Cartographer's Toolkit was a Legendary Crafting Material in Diablo III before patch 2.0.6. It requires a Character Level of 1 to use, is account bound, and may be stacked up to 1000 times. It was required for the crafting of the Board Walkers legendary boots. As of patch 2.0.6., it no longer drops, and existing Kits may be sold for 50,000 gold each.

The item had a chance to drop off the unique Ghouls:

  • Lavarinth (Rakkis Crossing, Blaze of Glory Event)
  • Gholash (Tower of the Damned Level 1)
  • Enkidu (Festering Woods, Eternal War event)

"Though he appeared simple minded at first, the ghoul was enthralled as he tinkered with the fine machinery of my toolkit" — Essen the Cartographer

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