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"I was there when Sankekur fell. I felt Mephisto's magic clawing at my mind. Even today, when I remember that moment, I am unsure if the anger I feel comes from him or me. But that does not hinder my faith. Remember, brothers and sisters, the Light won that day. We rallied. We defeated a Prime Evil. And what's more, we did it together. The darkness will never extinguish the Light. It is our duty to ensure that. The day we discovered the corruption within our faith was the day we began anew. It was the day I knew I was truly fighting for the Light."

- Carthas(src)

Carthas was a Zakarum Paladin Marshal and one of the heroes who defeated Mephisto.


Early life[]

Carthas was a Zakarum Paladin and one of the few members of the order who wasn't corrupted by Mephisto.

The Prime Evils[]

With the return of Diablo to the mortal realm, Carthas traveled to Khanduras, where he allied with a group of heroes who were likewise driven to defeat the darkness. In the ruins of Tristram, they freed Deckard Cain, who became their ally.

Carthas and other heroes defeated Mephisto inside Travincal, at the heart of the jungles of Hawezar. Carthas was revered as a hero immortalized by the Zakarum faith, with his triumph of Mephisto being depicted in many tapestries. However, Mephisto's evil radiated from the twisted corpse of his former host, Sankekur, and its influence seeped into Carthas' mind, slowly corrupting him. The heroes eventually managed to kill Diablo and Baal.

defender of the black tomb[]

Following the defeat of the Prime Evils, Carthas departed back to Hawezar, carrying the body of Sankekur with him, carrying the mission to guard it in a place where its corrupted influence will cause no more harm. Carthas decided to revive the Paladin Order with the few remaining that weren't corrupted by Mephisto. They descended deep into the Ruins of Rakhat Keep, a former temple of Zakarum, and prepared a chamber to keep Sankekur's body, sealing it inside a sarcophagus made of obsidian and using holy wards; this chamber became known as "The Black Tomb".

Carthas and his Paladins knew that a tomb alone wouldn't be enough to contain the contagion of Mephisto's rooted hatred from within Sankekur's body. For that, they devoted the rest of their lives in an eternal vigil of the tomb. Unfortunately, the seeds of corruption began to spread, and all Paladins serving under Carthas started killing themselves and turned into Undead.

Reign of Enmity[]

Carthas Corpse in Diablo IV

Carthas' corpse in DIablo IV.

In 1336, The Wanderer and Zakarum Crusader named Ksenia ventured into the depths of the ruins of Rakhat Keep. Ksenia's plan was to cleanse the ruins, freeing the souls of the Fallen Paladins and purge the evil from Sankekur's body. The Wanderer and Ksenia managed to exorcise the corrupted ghosts of the Paladin Retinues, Mathias, Elazar and Alodia, who sealed the temple under Carthas' orders. Later, they defeat the spirit of Carthas himself, who revealed the source of his corruption and disappeared.[1]

Personality and Traits[]

Carthas was a man of unwavering faith, devoted to his oath and his duty to the Light. His triumph over the Prime Evils regarded him the greatest Paladin of his time. Even after being corrupted by Mephisto's influence, he was still dedicated to his mission, until his final breath.


Diablo II[]

Carthas is a canonical representation of Paladin class in Diablo II.

Diablo IV[]

Carthas' spirit appears in Diablo IV as a boss enemy fought in Lost Legacy sidequest. He fights with a sword and is able to conjure pentagrams on the ground that inflict fear, as well summon spectral minions from bloody tumors.

Defeating Carthas and completing the sidequest rewards the player with a rare one-handed mace, Carthas' Blessed Hammer.


Class Identities
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