Canyon of the Magi
Act Act II
Quests The Seven Tombs
Monsters Hell Cat, Hell Slinger, Devourer, Steel Scarab, Crusher
Adjacent Zones Arcane Sanctuary, Tomb of Tal Rasha
Area Level Normal 16
Area Level Nightmare 48
Area Level Hell 79
Waypoint Yes

The Canyon of the Magi is an isolated region of the Aranoch desert. It is here Tal Rasha's Tomb is located, along with six smaller tombs, which serve as decoys. The Canyon can only be accessed through a portal found within the Arcane Sanctuary, after which players can activate a waypoint.


During the Dark Exile, the three Prime Evils - Diablo, Mephisto, and Baal - were banished to the mortal realm by the combined effort of the Lesser Evils. Here they caused mankind untold suffering and grief. Eventually the archangel Tyrael intervened and provided the ancient Horadrim brotherhood with a special weapon: Soulstones that could serve as a prison for the demons' vile spirits. Mephisto was captured in Kurast, and before long the Horadrim cornered Baal in the deserts of Aranoch.

Capturing Baal proved to be difficult, however. During his struggle against the Horadrim, Baal managed to shatter his soulstone. The largest shard was not powerful enough to contain the demon. The Horadric mage Tal Rasha selflessly volunteered to serve as the soulstone's extension: he would bond with the demon before being stabbed with the remaining shard of the soulstone, so he could wrestle with the Lord of Destruction for all eternity.

To safeguard Tal Rasha and prevent anyone from freeing Baal, the Horadrim sealed Tal Rasha within an ancient Tomb. The only key to unlock Tal Rasha's Chamber would require the possession of Horadric Staves, which they guarded fiercely. In order to further confuse any would be adventurer, the Horadrim placed the tomb amongst six False Tombs.

The tombs are located on the northern and upper eastern sides of the area. Urns and chests as well as broken statues and skeletons litter the ground. The region is filled with Hell Slingers, Sand Maggots, Scarabs, and Brutes.

To further confuse the player, the seven tombs are all named "Tomb of Tal Rasha". The only way to determine which tomb would be the real one is by comparing the ancient symbol/glyph found near the entrance to the tomb with the one found in the Quest Log after completing the Arcane Sanctuary (quest). Players can therefore skip the six False Tombs, though they contain many monsters (including several Super Unique Monsters) and a golden chest.

The True Tomb of Tal Rasha is much larger than the six False Tombs. Additionally, the True Tomb contains the Orifice needed to gain entrance into Tal Rasha's Chamber.

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