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Canem Mortem Liber (previously Liber Canis Mortui) is a Diablo III item available to those who purchased the collector's edition or digital deluxe version of Reaper of Souls. It is account bound, and allows players to summon a Spectral Hound.

"When first practicing the Art of Rathma, it pays to start small. Trust me on this." — Mehtan the Necromancer.


This section contains facts and trivia relevant to this article.
  • In Latin, "Canem mortem liber" makes no sense since:
    • "canem" is "(the) dog" as object (Accusative), like in the sentence "I feed the dog"
    • "Mortem" is "(the) death"(generic noun) or "(the) Death"(as divine-like entity), or metaphorically also a corpse or a murderer; it is again an object (Accusative) though due to the end in -em, like in the sentence "In war, I've seen the death"
    • "Liber" can have many meanings, but "book" is the most likely; is is a subject (Nominative), like in the sentences "There is a book on the table"
  • Hence the meaning of "Canem Mortem Liber" is something like "the dog the death (the) book.
  • On the other side, "Liber Canis Mortui" literally means "Book of the Dead Dog", since "canis" means "of the dog" (Genitive) and "mortui" is the Genitiv of the adjective "mortuus" which means "dead"