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For the Diablo III skill, see Call of the Ancients.
Call of the Ancients

Class: Barbarian (Diablo IV)
Skill Category: Ultimate
Cooldown: 75 seconds

Call upon the Ancients to aid in battle for 12 seconds.

Damage Type: Physical
Other Stats: Warlord skill; Summon

Call of the Ancients is an Ultimate skill used by Barbarian in Diablo IV, based on its Diablo III counterpart.


When cast, summons the three Ancients: Talic, Korlic and Madawc that will follow the Barbarian for the duration. Their attacks are resolved just like the Barbarian's, fully benefiting from all enhancements.

Counts as Warlord skill.


  • Fierce Brawler (5): Critical Hit Damage is increased by 6% per point while using Two-Handed weapons. Attack Speed increased by 2% per point while using One-Handed weapons.
  • Blood Thirst (5): Enemies Bleed for 4% of Critical Strike damage per point over 5 seconds.
  • Slaying Strike (5): Damage is increased by 8% per point against enemies below 30% Life.
  • Cut to the Bone (5): Stunning an enemy increases Bleeding on them by 4% per point for 3 seconds.
  • Momentum (5): Up to a 20% chance to generate 5 Fury (Fury generated increases with additional points).
  • Close Quarters Combatant (5): Deal 3% increased damage per point to enemies within melee range, but take 1% increased damage per point from enemies outside of melee range.
  • Slam (5): Up to a 3% chance per point to knock down enemies.
  • Combat Prowess (5): Damage increased by 2% per point against Immobilized, Stunned, or Slowed enemies.
  • Walking Arsenal (1): Using a different weapon increases all damage done by 8% for 8 seconds, up to 32%.
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