Brother Caligio was an acolyte of the Triune. Caligio was a minor character in the novel Birthright, the first of Richard A. Knaak's Sin War (novels). Caligio was presumed to have been an acolyte of the Order of Mefis, the guiding spirit of Love.

Caligio was sent to Seram by the Primus in order to spread the teachings of the Triune cult. As Triune acolytes always travel in pairs of three - an acolyte of each path - Caligio was accompanied by Brother Atilus and an unnamed female acolyte. However, his companions soon found Caligio was missing.

It was Uldyssian who found the remains of Caligio and was consequently charged for murder. Caligio's murder was particularly brutal, and most likely committed by Lilith in order to frame Uldyssian.

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