"By the gods, Elora, as long as I draw breath, I will never forget on her terrible portent."— Elder Aust reflecting on Caldra's last words[1]

Caldra was a Barbarian seer and resident of Harrogath.


As Baal's army pressed north through the Barbarians' lands, Caldra began to be affected by visions of her people's doom. One night, the entire village was kept awake by her screams. Elder Aust and his daughter both tried to offer comfort, but it was no use. Caldra, now delirious, was howling senselessly. Her hair, once black and now white, was being pulled out in clumps by her as well.

The pair managed to calm her down, but she had become withdrawn, and refused to answer any of their questions directly, instead just staring blankly. The healer Malah came to help as well, but could not cure her.

By the next day, Caldra had become comatose. The Council of Elders around her body and prayed to the Ancients for guidance. Suddenly, Caldra sat up. Her eyes seemed to glow with a feverish inner light, and she looked older than any elder present. She gazed around the room, looking at each elder in turn. Then, with a slight, almost mocking smirk, she whispered in a ragged voice "Baal comes...and destruction follows him like a storm."

They were the last words she ever spoke, as she collapsed back into her bed and let out her last breath.[1]


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