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Cain's Request is the first Westmarch quest in Diablo Immortal. It triggers as soon as the player arrives in the zone in The King's Road, ending the Go to Westmarch Dark Wood quest. Upon completion, Fragments of the Past will instantly trigger.



  • Lieutenant Dunn: Hold there a moment, stranger. We're speaking with all new arrivals seeking asylum. Hmm, you don't look like a refugee from Ashwold. What brings you to Westmarch?
  • Class: I'm supposed to meet a friend here.
  • Lieutenant Dunn: Mm. Another tight-lipped adventurer. You're not the first to step through these gates on "business." All right, everything checks out. Move along and keep the peace. Understand?
  • Piers: Wow, that ship is huge!
  • Piri: Haka! Get those wares to the storehouse quickly, all right?
  • Piri: Ha, I knew it had to be you! Been waiting a while for you to show. Charsi would have stayed, but, you know, she's got business to run.
  • Class: I'm sorry...Who is Charsi? Do I know you?
  • Piri: Oh, forgive me! I got a little over-zealous. Let's say we have a mutual friend...a certain "scholar" who arrived before you did.
  • Piri: Our "friend" asked us to greet you when you arrived. Listen, Charsi's the one you want to speak to. Find her at the blacksmith, and she'll guide your further. Welcome to Westmarch and good luck!
  • Kuna: Ah that's better. Can't beat this view.
  • Mattis: More and more travelers come to Westmarch every day.
  • Class: Excuse me, are you Charsi? I was sent to find you. A man on the bridge implied you could help me find Deckard Cain.
  • Charsi: It's you! You're here! Cain is going to be so happy you arrived. Well, let me be among the first to welcome you to Westmarch! Isn't it as grand as the stories say?
  • Class: It is certainly large, I will give it that. Where might I find Deckard Cain?
  • Charsi: Right, of course! Cain has a workshop to the left of the central square. Just beyond the fountain. You know, once I've finished up here, I'll join you two! Give you a proper introduction to the city!
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