Buyard Cholik was a former Zakarum priest who brought back the demon Kabraxis. He is one of the main characters of The Black Road novel.


Buyard Cholik had been a loyal acolyte of the Zakarum-priesthood for most of his life. As the Zakarum religion slowly fell under Mephisto's malevolent sway, Cholik became intrigued by the dark forces in control of Zakarum. As Cholik aged, he became increasingly fearful of death and frustrated with the - in his eyes - insignificant powers of the Light. Therefore he turned his back on the Zakarum religion, and started researching more sinister powers. Through long forgotten texts Cholik learned about the demon Kabraxis, who was supposedly powerful enough to grant mortals eternal life. Desperate to extend his life and hungry for power, Cholik started to search for Kabraxis' prison.

With the aid of the demon he created a new religion ; the Way of Dreams ; where the followers worshiped the demon himself. During this era he was known as the Wayfinder ; the right hand of the prophet Dien-Ap-Sten (Kabraxis). He was later kiled by Darrick Lang who wielded Stormfury ; an old holy sword that was the only weapon that could defeat Kabraxis.

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