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Bulwark is the rune word 'ShaelIoSol' for helms in Diablo II: Resurrected. It is Ladder only.

Bulwark is an easily made helmet and can be equipped at early-mid levels. It provides a solid array defensive of bonuses, all geared at making its wearer more durable. The reduction to physical damage taken is particularly notable given its low cost.

Bulwark is the physical variant of the patch 2.6 rune words, and is analogous to the Fire-oriented Temper Rune Word, Cold-oriented Hearth Rune Word, Lightning-oriented Ground Rune Word, and Poison-oriented Cure Rune Word. Of these, Bulwark is perhaps the most ubiquitously useful, as its large replenish life modifier and life leech are not found on its cousins.

+20% Faster Hit Recovery
+4-6% Life stolen per hit
+75-100% Enhanced Defense
+10 to Vitality
Increase Maximum Life 5%
Replenish Life +30
Damage Reduced by 7
Physical Damage Received Reduced by 10-15%