For the Diablo II version, see Bul-Kathos' Wedding Band.

Bul-Kathos's Wedding Band is a legendary ring in Diablo III. It requires character level 50 to drop.

The band is fairly known for a couple affixes. Firstly, the life drain affix leeches 0.4% of monster's current (not maximum) Life, healing 1% of the bearer's maximum Life (but no more than the amount drained) per proc. This effect is afflicted on all monsters within 15 yards. It will take more than just this ring to actually kill a monster, but it does prove helpful against monsters with a higher Life pool, and the draining gives a good source of extra healing in crowds. Normally the proc triggers every 0.5 seconds. For obvious reasons, this ring is mostly used by melee classes, or it may be of some use if equipped on the Templar. Secondly, its guaranteed Critical Hit Damage bonus helps to ensure that even if it won't be useful forever, it will at least serve for some time, especially if it is augmented with enchanting.

Note that it cannot leech more than 2000% of the character's own damage per tick from all affected monsters together.

Stats (Level 50)Edit

Bul-Kathos's Wedding Band

Bul-Kathos's Wedding Band
Legendary Ring


Forged in the city of Harrogath to commemorate a day sacred to the Barbarians.

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