In-game portraits of Brigands

Brigands are human enemies encountered in Diablo III.


Ghostly murderer

Brigand render

Brigands are humans, and are only armed with their blades, which can serve as both melee and thrown weapons. They do not possess any special skills, except sheer numbers. Nearly all of them are quest or event specific, trying to hunt Lyndon down for his treachery, and are members of the Thieves Guild. They are only encountered in Act I and Act V.

From time to time, they may accompany a Rare Monster in Nephalem Rifts or Halls of Agony.


"The tragedies in these lands have left many restless spirits in their wake...and they demand retribution. These spirits will take out their vengeance on any unsuspecting individual who may pass...for they believe that the blood of the living will yet restore the lives that were ripped away from them."

Deckard Cain(src)
Brigand Looter 005

Various types of Brigand coloring

In the Guild Hideout, one may find Assassins, who wield bows, foregoing their melee attack for increased ranged damage output.

Undead Brigand sub-types exist in form of Ghosts:

Ghastly gravedigger


  • Ghastly Gravedigger: Appears in Act I in the Defiled Crypt. Has a knockback effect.
  • Ghostly Murderer: As above. Many of them are encountered in Act I tombs in form of Ghosts, being absolutely identical to normal Brigands except for they are classified as Undead.


Barbarian CannibalsEdit

In Ruins of Sescheron in Act III, players may encounter several Barbarian cannibals of The Unclean tribe, apparently those who remained after the fall of the city. They are all hostile to the Nephalem.

Visually and in terms of abilities, they all appear very similar to Ancients. Although not listed as Human or Undead, they all bear sick, pale, inhuman appearance, and may be loosely classified as Brigands.

Uniques (The Unclean)Edit

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