"Ugh, what a day. Certainly didn’t expect to get choked by some death mage when I left stead this morning..."


Bramden was a member of the Wortham Guard.

In 1270, on the day he joined the Guard, Bramden and a fellow guardsman were attacked by the rogue Necromancer Lethes. She demanded to know the location of Queen Asylla's tomb, and when the other guardsman told her that he didn't know its location, Lethes promptly killed him. She turned her location to Bramden, who, terrified, swore that he didn't know, and that the only person who knew the location of the tomb was Asylla's handmaiden. Bramden was saved by Xul, who arrived on the scene and forced Lethes to retreat with the aid of a group of heroes.

Xul thanked the heroes, and told them that Captain Azmir knew the handmaiden. He told them to head for Guard's Watch, while he headed off to find his family.[1]

In-game[edit | edit source]

Bramden appears as an NPC in Diablo Immortal, as part of the "Ashwold Cemetery" quest.

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