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"Crucial to twisting knives and holding books, the surprisingly sensitive wrist is always one parry away from dislocation. Cuffs, bracers and vambraces shield and straighten the wrist; they aren’t just for flair."

- Game Guide(src)

For the similar armor type in Diablo Immortal, see Bracelets.

Bracers (a.k.a. Wristbands) are pieces of armor worn on wrists, made a separate slot in Diablo III. Like Gloves, they are offense-oriented, giving players some stats to experiment with.

In addition to all-armor stats, bracers may roll Critical Hit chance, Life per Hit, Life per second, increased Elemental Damage for skills (being one of the two slots that can normally have this), Armor, resistances, Thorns, reduced damage from melee or ranged attacks, gold / health globe pickup radius and chance to Knockback on hit.