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"Traversing Sanctuary means walking over rocks, hot sand, bone, lava, snow, ooze, mud, blood, and other injurious and inconvenient substances too numerous to name. Boots and greaves are the best way to ensure that feet never touch the ground until it’s safe to do so."

- Game Guide(src)

Boots are a type of armor worn on the feet. One pair of boots may be equipped per character.

Diablo II[]

Boots are a type of armor in Diablo II. They offer protection for the soles of the feet. Heavier boots like leather and chain offer more protection for the feet and lower legs. Strong boots like greaves and light plate boots offer extreme protection but require more strength to use.

Boots also increase the damage that Assassins deal with any attacks that involve kicking, such as Dragon Talon.

Diablo III[]

Boots return in Diablo III. They are the only piece of gear that can normally roll Movement speed bonus. Boots are defensive items, and in addition to core and all-armor stats, may roll Thorns, damage of secondary skills, Life per second, Armor and resistances, gold / health globe pickup radius, as well as chance to Immobilize on hit.

Boots are displayed on the character, and vary greatly in their appearance: Witch Doctors run with bare feet, Barbarians wear heavy, metal-bound greaves with spikes, and Demon Hunters attach bladed talons and sharpened, needle-like heels to their footwear, which serves no purpose in game, but looks threatening. 

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