Bonesnap is a unique Maul.

Besides its bonuses to Cold Resist and Fire Resist, Bonesnap also has a high chance of Crushing Blow and a large boost to damage. It is perhaps most effective against Undead enemies, but some characters may find its slow attack speed distasteful.

Unlike most unique normal weapons, Bonesnap has a very high enhanced damage modifier (up to 300%), and respectable other modifiers (particularly 40% chance of Crushing Blow). It is thus a prime candidate for upgrading to exceptional using the Horadric Cube.

Stats[edit | edit source]



Two-Hand Damage: (90-120) To (129-172)
Required Level: 24
Required Strength: 69
Durability: 60
Mace Class – Fast Attack Speed Slow Attack Speed
+200-300% Enhanced Damage
+100% Damage To Undead
40% chance of Crushing Blow
Cold Resist +30%
Fire Resist +30%

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