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The Bone Breaker

The Bone Breaker is a variant of Yeti found on Greyhollow Island, introduced in patch 2.4 of Diablo III.


Bone Breakers are easily distinguished by their dark fur, horns, and glowing red eyes and runes on their skin (similar to those etched across the body of The Crazed Man).

Unlike normal Yetis, Bone Breakers lack any ranged attacks. Instead, they rush into close combat with the player, slamming their fists into the ground.

Like Yetis, they can either smash or jump and slam, quick and slow attack respectively. They can also, like Sasquatches, pound the ground in front of them for 3-6 seconds, dealing heavy damage, but unable to move or stop for the duration.

Their other ability is an uppercut fist blow that damages player and knocks them up in the air, making victim land behind the Bone Breaker. Usually it means that the character will be thrown into a horde of other monsters around the Bone Breaker.