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Bogan subtypes: Trapper (left) and Brute (right)

Bogans are tribal creatures that inhabit the Blood Marsh.[1]


Bogans are of "feeble intelligence," and most of their activities are centered around killing and eating.[2] They apparently worship a deity called the Wickerman and hunt Maggot Broods.[3] Larger bogans assert dominance over smaller ones.[4]

The bogans have dwelt within the Blood Marsh for as long as any human can remember. In recent times, the bogans have grown more aggressive, defending their territory with increasingly insidious traps and fortifying their hovels with crudely constructed watch towers and palisades.[1]


Bogans are encountered in the Blood Marsh, in Act V of Diablo III. They are divided into hulking Tusked Bogans, ranged-attacking Trappers, and the small but ferocious Boggits; their Bogan Towers may be encountered as well. Bogans are classified as Animals.


This section contains facts and trivia relevant to this article.
  • "Bogan" is an Australasian derogatory slang word, used to refer to an individual who lacks in manners or education.
  • Bogan means "crotch" in the Philippine language of Cebuano.