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Bloody Pincer was a Legendary Crafting Material in Diablo III before patch 2.0.6. It requires a Character Level of 1 to use, is account bound, and may be stacked up to 1000 times. It was required for the crafting of the Demon Claw legendary fist weapon. As of patch 2.0.6., it no longer drops, and existing Pincers may be sold for 50,000 gold each.

The item had a chance to drop off the unique Tormented Stingers and Scarabs:

"Seeing as how the mythical demon-claw mace is most often represented as appearing similar to the claw of a tormented stinger, many fools believe one to be a necessary ingredient to construct the mace of legends. There are many reasons I can cite as to why this is patently ridiculous, but I need only one: It is surely impossible to craft a demon claw." —Abd al-Hazir

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