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For the Diablo IV skill, see Blood Thirst.
Bloodthirst Bloodthirst
The Barbarian is healed for every point of Fury spend. This amount of Life regained per point scales with level (up to 115 at level 60 and 966 at level 70), and is additionally increased by 1% of the Barbarian's Health Globe bonus healing.

"Compassion is weakness. To press the advantage when an opponent calls for mercy is the way of true power." — Halaberd the Conqueror

Bloodthirst is a Barbarian passive skill in Diablo III, unlocked at level 24.


This effect stacks with the respective stat from items. Health Glove bonus is added to the amount regained per 1 Fury, not to the total healing per cast.


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Before the pre-expansion patch of Reaper of Souls, this skill was granting the Barbarian 3% Life Steal, empowering their ability to heal from damage even further. However, even with the massive 80% debuff in the Inferno difficulty setting, the sheer power of Life Steal in the hands of very powerful heroes, let alone Barbarians, proved too powerful for balancing reasons. As a result of this, Bloodthirst was reworked in the above-mentioned patch to offer Life for expending Fury, and it has remained this way since.