Blood Star

Requires: 70 Magic
Cost: 5 Life + 25 Mana (-2 per Spell Level, minimum 14)

Sacrifices Life to create a powerful bolt of magic energy.

Damage Type: Magic

Blood Star is a spell in Diablo I.

General InformationEdit

Blood Star can only be found in the Hell levels: Level 13 to Level 16. It is also used by Succubi, being their iconic attack, and does not cost them anything to cast.

Each Blood Star hit does a third of the caster's Magic statistic in damage to the enemy. The spell costs both Life and Mana to cast (with Mana Shield, damage is automatically transferred to Mana, though).

Succubus Blood Star

Succubus using Blood Star

Blood Star deals Magic damage, but does much less damage than equivalent Fire and Lightning spells, so mostly it is used to deal with monsters who are immune to those. In Diablo I, there are no monsters who are immune to Fire and Lightning but not Magic, however there are a few such enemies in Hellfire.

Life cost does not decrease with Spell Level. It is applied even if cast from charges.

Each Blood Star moves relatively slowly and in a straight line. There is no splash damage. One can block it if needed.

Damage Calculation:

  • 3 x Spell Level + [MagicAttribute/2] - [MagicAttribue/8]
  • Speed: 16


This section contains facts and trivia relevant to this article.
  • The Succubi-type monsters in Diablo II fire similar looking projectiles, applying a curse on impact (either draining Life on successful spell casts or reducing Defense). In Diablo III, it used to apply a debuff called Blood Star, reducing armor by half (removed in patch 2.2).


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