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For the pet of the same name, see Blood Rose (Pet).

"The vines speak to me. They tell me of an abomination: a Blood Rose. Through the rose the blood flows to her, feeds her. It must be cut down."


The Blood Rose

The Blood Rose, Vessel of Rebirth is a monster encountered in Diablo Immortal.[1]


"So this is the source of the Dark Wood's corruption. Come then, monstrosity. Meet your end."

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The Blood Rose

A Dark Creeper, the Blood Rose was located near the Sanguine Ruins,[2] and was the source of corruption that had gripped the forest. It collected the blood that was spilt within the forest, and fed it to the Countess. As long as it continued to feed her blood, the Countess could not die, and the corruption would never end.[3] The Blood Rose itself resided in its own pool of blood.

The Bloodsworn, having ambushed a group of Rogues in the Sanguine Ruins, took their captives to the Rose so that they might be drained of their blood. However, the Bloodsworn were killed by a hero/group of heroes, and the Blood Rose itself seemingly slain. However, Lakrii offered herself to the creature, and after draining her of her blood, was revived, forcing the hero(es) to do battle against it once more. However, it was again slain, this time permanantly.[2]


The Blood Rose is a boss in Diablo Immortal. It is found in the Sanguine Ruins during the "Blood Resurrection" quest, specifically in the Lair of the Blood Rose sub-zone. It is immune to knockback. It has two phases, the second triggering after Lakrii's offering.

In the first phase, it has the following attacks:

  • A stream of blood in a straight line, moving in an arc
  • Balls of blood fired as projectiles from its two side tentacles
  • Summons Dark Creepers

At the start of the second phase, Bloodsworn will attack the player, and the Blood Rose will lob blood projectiles into the air, landing across a wide radius. Standing close to the creature seems to be the best way to avoid these attacks, or alternatively, reaching the small gaps in-between their lines of fire. This is in addition to its earlier attacks bar summoning Dark Creepers. The Blood Rose also utilizes a "strangling creeper" attack over an area of effect. Standing in this area will cause one's health to be drained, in turn increasing the Blood Rose's HP. One can stand outside the circle, or keep attacking the creature, provided the damage the player inflicts is greater than what the Blood Rose gains in turn.

Later in the second phase, the Countess will dispatch Bloodsworn Simulacrums to attack the player, along with regular Bloodsworn.


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  • During development, it was called the "Black Rose."[4]