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Blood Moor
Blood Moor.jpg
Act Act I
Quests Den of Evil
NPCs Flavie
Monsters Zombie, Fallen, Quill Rat

(no Uniques on Normal)

Adjacent Zones Rogue Encampment, Cold Plains
Area Level Normal 1
Area Level Nightmare 36
Area Level Hell 67
Waypoint No

The Blood Moor is a dreary place where danger may appear in the form of drowning bogs or vicious creatures. Bordered by stone walls, the Moor is a flat plain of grass and scattered stones, interrupted by black pools and the occasional tree. Dirt paths cross the Moor, presumably well traveled before the demonic onslaught made them hazardous to all but the well-armed.

The Blood Moor is the wilderness area outside the Rogue Encampment. It is inhabited by Quill Rats, Zombies, and Fallen. The Blood Moor also contains an entrance to the Den of Evil, and to the Cold Plains.

The zone has a particularly high number of Shrines. There is a high chance that a house could be placed towards the exit to Cold Plains, which contains a chest inside. The chest drops loot of a quality usually reserved for chests at the end of an optional dungeon, comparing to a regular chest.

The passage between the Blood Moor and the Cold Plains is guarded by Flavie, one of the elite rogue scouts. Upon entering the Cold Plains, she warns you about the dangers ahead. She will warn you of your inexperience and says to turn back from the Cold Plains unless you have completed the Den of Evil quest. Flavie will also attack any monsters in her sight.