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Early Blood Lord artwork. Notice that it is very different from the final monster

Blood Lords are Minotaur-like soldiers that duel-wield battle axes. They are raging, uncontrollable brutes and have the freedom to act independently from the other demonic troops on the battlefield. They are strictly melee fighters, but their devastating blows inflict both normal and magic damage.

Tips and Other Additional InformationEdit


Blood Lords and their stronger counterparts in the game are sometimes considered serious threat on Hell difficulty. They have a natural Frenzy ability which will activate if the Blood Lord swings, no matter if he hits or misses. One Blood Lord is no serious threat, but they are usually in groups which range from three to five or even more and they are feared for surrounding player, making it impossible to move away, giving the player the only option to fight. With each hit Frenzy will grow and there is a chance that a microstun will occur. The Blood Lord has a large amount of life and decent defense, but he is quite vulnerable to magic attacks such as Sorceress Cold Spells. Since a Blood Lord is a melee attacker, it's best to attack him with range attacks or to avoid large groups. On Hell, Blood Lords are immune to Physical damage. Their variations are immune to a particular element, but all are vulnerable to Poison damage.


  • The initial concept art named these monsters Minotaur demons.
  • Some suggest that they are the masters of the Goatmen clans, seeing that their different variations are that of the same as the goatmen clans.
Ex: Moon Lords being the Moon Clan's leaders.
  • In the introduction cutscene to Act V, where Baal lays siege to Sescheron, most of his troops duel-wield axes, which could be Blood Lords.
  • The Blood Lord should not to be confused with the toughest class of Vampire, the Blood Lord
Blood Lord
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