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"The Blood Knight is a mid-range Class with hybrid attack options that are either melee or ranged depending on your proximity to the target. This vanquisher of vampires feeds on enemies’ life, entraps them in deadly shadows summoned with cursed strength, and relies on their trusty polearm to maintain distance from danger. And if all else fails, they may just succumb to the unholy abomination within themselves that’s vying for control of their humanity."

- Class description(src)

Blood Knight Class

A Blood Knight

The Blood Knight is a new class in the Diablo franchise, introduced in Diablo Immortal.


The Blood Knight is a melee/mid range class, with various skills having different effects depending on the player's proximity to the monster. They combine their mastery of the polearm with supernatural strength and vampiric powers to overwhelm the demonic foot soldiers of the Burning Hells.[1]

Post-release, all cosmetic sets will include Blood Knight options. Retroactively, a number of cosmetic sets were given Blood Knight equivalents, namely Anointed Immortal, Blood Rebirth, Bronze Wardens, Children of Inarius, Exalted Immortal, Hatred's Heritage, Inferno Within, and Scions of the Storm.[2]


Primary Attacks[]



Level Up[]

  • "Another chain around the curse."
  • "I shall never tire."
  • "My pledge holds firm."
  • "The darkness has met its match."
  • "The night has raised me."


  • "Die exquisitely."(Shadow's Embrace)
  • "I've been waiting for this." (Shadow's Embrace)
  • "My chains are broken!" (Annihilation)
  • "No more restraint!" (Annihilation)


  • "Haven't seen a foe like that before."
  • "I'm hardly sweating."
  • "Over already? Uhhh."
  • "You will never feed again."
  • "You'd look splendid on my horn."
  • "Your screams are distracting."

Battle Taunt[]

  • "Come, entertain me."
  • "Hahahahaha!"
  • "Hahaha, what's that? Kill you? If you insist."
  • "Hardly entertaining."
  • "What's that? Shhhh."
  • ”I’ve slain bigger.”
  • "What have I done to deserve you?"
  • "You can run. I prefer it."
  • “I’ve dreamed of a fight like this.”

Using a skill before cool down[]

  • "Still recharging, hold on."
  • "That's recharging."
  • "Wait, just, wait."
  • "Impatience is vulgar."
  • "No, I don't believe I will."
  • "A waste of precious time."

Exhausted a channelled skill[]

  • "I crave energy."
  • "More energy."
  • "I don't have enough energy."
  • "Need to get my blood up."

Health Potion[]

  • "Health is wealth."
  • "I heal fast."
  • "I'm healed. Let's continue."
  • "Invigorating."

Low Health

  • "You call these wounds?”
  • "I work best when I’m hurt.”
  • "I will not succumb.”


After the release of Immortal and its six classes (all of which had debuted in previous games), the developers wanted to create a new class. They wanted to do a "supernatural" class that would be kind of monstrous, comitting acts that not even classes like the Necromancer and Demon Hunter would carry out.[3]

For release, 2000 lines of dialogue were written for the Blood Knight. The voice actors for the male and female versions are Ben Prendergast and Abby Trot respectively. The lines were written with context in mind; for instance, the Blood Knight has some "choice lines" in regards to the Countess, given their shared blood motif.[3]



This section contains facts and trivia relevant to this article.
  • The Blood Knight aesthetic has been likened to that of the Castlevania series.[4]


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