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"I came to find you. What is the matter?"
"What's the matter? Zir's army is slaughtering our people, the Cathedral won't do a damn thing to stop them, and now—And now, on top of that, you show up in town."

The Blood Harvest was a campaign waged by Lord Zir against the living.


"What is Zir's army doing?"
"Gathering blood, the same as before, but this...it's on a scale I've never seen. It has to be Zir's last big push. His "ascension" is almost upon us."

In 1336, Zir and his fellow vampires awoke in the underground City of the Ancients, due to events that had transpired on the surface.[1]

The campaign was initially small in scale; nameless people that no one would miss, their bodies discarded, their throats torn open. The Cathedral of Light ignored the killings, even as fear mounted alongside the corpses. Adventurers and townsfolk fought to end the corruption, but it was too late, and entire villages were killed or turned, along with the adventurers who had tried to aid them.[2] Other citizens were kidnapped to be used in dark rituals.[1] People were enslaved so that their blood may be harvested and/or be turned into new vampires.[3]

The plague-like campaign reached epidemic proportions, and spread across the Fractured Peaks.[2] Meanwhile, Blood Seekers and their vampire forces were ordered to conquer Scosglen, Hawezar, and the Dry Steppes. Innocents were imprisoned, and pandemonium spread.[4]

While the Wanderer was able to slay a number of Zir's Blood Seekers,[5] this apparently did nothing to stem the Harvest. Indeed, not long after their assassinations, the Blood Harvest surged in scale. Erys, a vampire hunter, commented that she'd never seen slaughter on such a scale, and theorized that Zir's army was making its "big push." That it was gathering the blood required to ensure the vampire lord's ascension. The Cathedral of Light still refused to engage the vampires in the field, and their doors remained shut to the world. Erys ordered the Wanderer to seek out Zir's army and kill as many minions as they could. While she didn't trust the Wanderer, she reasoned that if Zir's army succeeded, they were all damned anyway.[6]

Ultimately, the Wanderer succeeded in routing Zir's forces.[6] Erys feared that Zir would rally his remaining legions to gather the blood he needed. The Wanderer killed Zir before this could happen.[7] However, in light of Zir's death, Erys feared that his strongest thralls would vie for his throne, and that the killing would continue.[8] Ultimately, thanks to the efforts of numerous adventurers, the Blood Harvest was stopped. It was declared that those who gave their lives to stem the vampiric plague would never be forgotten.[9]

The events of the Blood Harvest caught the attention of Hell's legions, prompting them to regroup, prompting a display of force through a new Helltide.[10]


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Blood Harvest-gameplay

Vampires in a Blood Harvest zone

Blood Harvest was a gameplay feature of Diablo IV, as part of Season of Blood. It was always active somewhere on the world map, and rotated between locations cyclically. Players battled vampire monsters in areas they had overwhelmed in the hopes of enslaving the populace. Players would enter these areas to rescue prisoners, stop rituals, and take out high-value targets.[1]

Vampiric Powers could be unlocked through completing Blood Harvest events Blood Lures could also be obtained, which were used to summon Seekers.[4]


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