Bloodgolem Blood Golem

Class: Necromancer

Skill Tree: Summoning Spells

Required Level: 18

Prerequisites: Clay Golem → Blood Golem

Effect: Summons a Golem that is linked to the caster's health.

Damage Type: Physical

Hit Points: 201

Defense: 80

Clay Golem Receives Synergies From:

Utilizing a small quantity of his own blood, the Necromancer is able to give life to a creature neither living nor dead, yet formed of human tissue. This homunculus gains nourishment from the fresh blood of its slain enemies, from which it replenishes its strength. Tied to the Necromancer through the mage's own blood, the Blood Golem is able to share this stolen life force with his master. Unfortunately, the link flows both ways, and any damage taken by the Golem is also transmitted to the caster.

The Blood Golem steals the listed percentage of the current hit points of the target. For example, Level 1 Blood Golem (steals 86%), attacking a 500 Hit Point monster would steal 430 Hit Points. As monster Hit Points go up on higher difficulty levels, and as more people join a game, the Blood Golem steals more life.

Hit Points stolen by the Blood Golem are not subtracted from the target.

The Golem gains 70% of the health it steals while the player gains 30%. If the current life + stolen life > maximum life of the Blood Golem, the Hit Point overflow goes to the Necromancer. If the current life + stolen life > maximum life of the Necromancer, the Hit Point overflow returns to the Golem up to the maximum life for each target.

Necromancers can't be killed by a Blood Golem taking too much damage, however, your health may be lowered to a point where other monsters may easily kill you.

When a Blood Golem is hit when the Necromancer has Bone Armor on, damage is directly taken from health skipping Bone Armor.

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