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The Sagemaster The Sagemaster 28 February

Languages of Sanctuary

Sanctuary has some very clear and obvious inspirations and connections to our own world, but one thing I'm rather curious about, and for which there seems to be little information, is the languages spoken by the inhabitants of Sanctuary. From a gameplay perspective, I can understand that this doesn't have any purpose to mention, but I am still curious about it. Are there any confirmed languages known to exist within the Diablo universe? Below are some of my thoughts, questions, and in some cases personal head cannons for the languages.

  • I would assume that the Kehjistani, one of the oldest civilizations on Sanctuary, would have their own unique and well-aged language, maybe something similar to Arabic and eastern languages.
  • Since the barbaria…
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Breywood Breywood 6 August 2021

Diablo II Armor and Weapons with Historical Counterparts. Part 2: Normal Weapons

Several weapons and armor in Diablo II have actual historical counterparts.  While it is a fantasy setting and especially the elite tier items are mostly fanciful names with impressive numbers, the developers did borrow a number of names of arms and armor that did exist in ancient and medieval times.  While these aren’t seen to be fit as part of the trivia section, I think it is interesting to look at what place these things had in history, and I plan to try to detail most of these in a multi-part blog post. Most of these have articles in wikipedia, and while I'd be loathe to recommend these articles in and of themselves, many of them do provide concise information for history buffs.

  • 1 Axes
  • 2 Bows
  • 3 Crossbows
  • 4 Daggers
  • 5 Javelins
  • 6 Clubs
  • 7 Polearms
  • 8 Spea…

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Brainwasher5 Brainwasher5 23 March 2021

What Diablo 2 did right, what Diablo 3 did wrong, and worries for Diablo 4

When Diablo 2 first came out, I was about 10 years old. I remembered sitting next to my older brother, watching in excitement as he whirlwinded through hapless fallen and thinking it was the coolest thing ever. After countless hours of cajoling and whining, I finally got to create my own character, a lowly Paladin, and gasped in shock when my life points ran out and my knight fell into a sad little heap.

Diablo 2's gameplay left an indelible mark on me. From that point forward, all rogue-like games I played would be unconsciously measured against its experience--and inevitably, I would find most wanting.

What my 10 year old mind couldn't absorb, however, was the story. I wasn't old enough to appreciate things like voice acting, art direction…

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Brainwasher5 Brainwasher5 28 February 2021

Summonmancer Notes

This is the first time I've seriously tried a Necromancer. Notes below.

  • 1 Stats
  • 2 Skills
  • 3 Gear
  • 4 Observations

Same as practically everyone else, with just enough str to wear equipment (156 str for Spirit monarch), nothing in energy, and everything else into vitality. Most builds seem to indicate that getting max block is fairly pointless. Given that you'll have literally more body shields between you and the baddies than any other build in the game, I agree.

  • 20 in Raise Skeleton (max first)
  • 20 in Skeleton Mastery (1 point, then max second)
  • 1 point each in: Clay Golem, Golem Mastery, Summon Resist, Raise Skeleton Mage, Blood Golem, Iron Golem, Revive, Amplify Damage (8 total)

These are the essential requirements for the build, leaving us with 62 skill …

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Brainwasher5 Brainwasher5 29 November 2020

Blizz Sorc Notes

So this is the first build I've tried in years! Hopefully it'll be fun.

Blizzard is the highest cold damage sorc skill, so accordingly it's a popular build. Apparently, the blizz sorc deals extremely high damage, but as it only deals cold damage, it can only be used in very specific parts of hell.

General strategy is to blizz everything that moves, but using glacial spike as a panic button if you teleport into a monster pack.

  • 1 Breakpoints
  • 2 Stats
  • 3 Skills
  • 4 Equipment
    • 4.1 Helm
    • 4.2 Amulet
    • 4.3 Weapon
    • 4.4 Body
    • 4.5 Shield
    • 4.6 Gloves
    • 4.7 Rings


Teleport / Glacial Spike / Static Field

9 Frames = 63 FCR

8 Frames = 105 FCR < Optimal Performance

7 Frames = 200 FCR


9 Frames = 42 FHR < Spirit Runeword alone provides 55

8 F…

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Kegster96 Kegster96 6 September 2020

Need Help lvling

Just started playing diablo on Nintendo Switch, would it be possible if someone could power lvl me to lvl70, Friend code, SW-0880-3365-5418 Plz

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Undead Chosen One Undead Chosen One 27 January 2020


Undead Chosen One (talk) 13:06, January 27, 2020 (UTC)

For the roleplay it will be set in the diablo 3 time, You will post your character using whatever template you want, or you can use mine:

Name: Silver

Age: 21

Sex: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Class: Demon hunter

Race: Archangel

Body type: Slim

Personality: She has her darkside, she is very kind, caring, and generous

Appearance: 5'6, Short blonde hair, halo, white armor and golden weapons

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Undead Chosen One Undead Chosen One 22 January 2020


Does Imperius have a connection with hell? Diablo?  Or even just the entire story of Diablo? Another question is how Diablo all started

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Undead Chosen One Undead Chosen One 17 January 2020


I belive that diablo could be an angelic, if you have any other things to add to this please tell me about your ideas!  But I belive that Daiblo could have once obtained an angelic form or could even be related to some of the other events in heaven

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Rmkane Rmkane 1 November 2019

Diablo IV Press Release

Newest incarnation of Blizzard Entertainment’s genre-defining action–role-playing franchise returns with dark, visceral gameplay, robust customization, deep loot, and infinite adventures

IRVINE, Calif.—November 1, 2019—An ancient evil threatens to engulf Sanctuary in darkness, and new heroes have been called upon to face challenges the world has never seen before. Today, Blizzard Entertainment announced Diablo IV, the highly anticipated next entry in its genre-defining action–role-playing series. The newest installment of Diablo was announced during BlizzCon® 2019, where attendees were eager to be the first in the world to play a public demo of the game. Diablo IV draws players into a grim story line and gives them the freedom to explore and fo…

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TVitD TVitD 22 October 2019


I found a book under my bed. I am reading it under my bed, in the darkness. I will sleep back on the bed once I finish reading what I cannot see.

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Milichulis Milichulis 22 October 2019

el ultimo respiro

ash, estoy cansada de que mi papá me diga lo que tengo que hacer, ya no tengo 89 años ya soy toda una adulta, pero él no me escucha. mi mamá murio cuando apenas la tierra se estaba formando, yo no la conocí pero mi padre hablaba muy bien de ella, decia que tenia las manos mas calientes y suaves todo el mundo, yo por supuesto veia a mi padre de otra forma, no porque sea mi padre si no porque una vez cada mil años reia. quisiera poder ver a mi madre y poder sentir sus manos alrededor de mi.bueno tengo que dejar de escribir los demonios me esperan en el cuarto para preparar el discurso para las almas que van a entrar...quiero seguir pero no puedo


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Rmkane Rmkane 18 October 2019

Patch 2.6.7 New Crusader and Monk Sets

The following tables showcase the two new sets introduced in patch 2.6.7.

Note: The individual stats and properties may need to be verified on each item's page.

Set: Aegis of Valor

Set: Patterns of Justice

All set piece inventory icons were extracted as 32px × 128px images as defined in their sprite atlas. The list below indicates which spritesheet each images was extracted out of and their (x, y) coordinates.

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Brainwasher5 Brainwasher5 4 September 2019

Best affixes for crafted items

Collecting thoughts on what I should look for when I start crafting my items.

  • 1 Weapons
  • 2 Helms
  • 3 Armor
  • 4 Shield
  • 5 Belts
  • 6 Gloves
  • 7 Boots
  • 8 Rings
  • 9 Amulets

The short answer is that I don't think it's worth it. There are so many affixes for weapons, and so many of them that are pretty useless, that it'd take an insane amount of tries to make anything good. Could create amusing results though.

All the helm recipes are essentially not relevant for the late game, with the possible exception of blood helms for their deadly strike mod. The relevance of crafted helms is further hurt by the fact that there are many very strong options for rare, unique, and even set helms, not to mention circlets that can be gambled to have a variety of strong mods.

Helms have a baffli…

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Rmkane Rmkane 25 July 2019

Patch 2.6.6 Item Powers

The following items have been buffed or added in Patch 2.6.6: 30%

  • Cain's Destiny
    • (2) Set Bonus
      • Attack Speed increased by 8%
      • +50% Experience. (5.0% at level 70) (Moved from (3) Set Bonus)
    • (3) Set Bonus
      • When a Greater Rift Keystone drops, there is a 25% chance for an extra one to drop.

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Tephra Tephra 2 July 2019

Fandom Discord

Hey everyone, there is now an official Discord server for Fandom/Gamepedia!

This is an additional point of contact for Fandom staff and other editors who you can ask for assistance with editing or other wiki-related subjects.

In order to join, you must do the following:

  1. Have a Discord account set up ahead of time
  2. Add your Discord user ID into your Fandom profile masthead
  3. Join at http://discord.gg/Fandom
  4. Follow the #verification process on the server

This server is for registered editors, admins, Wiki Team, and Staff, users without registered accounts on Fandom or Gamepedia are not allowed here.

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Addycakes2 Addycakes2 14 June 2019

Chat Blog

Chat Room. No mean messages or else an admin will block you.

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Tephra Tephra 8 May 2019

New Wiki Manager

I have been a bureaucrat of the Diablo Wiki since October 2011, and have now been hired by Fandom as a Wiki Manager.

So I am now also the Wiki Manager for the Diablo Wiki. I am here to help the community and be a liaison to full-time Fandom staff. If you ever have a question or issue relating to the wiki, editing, etc., please contact me on my talk page.

You can also join the Diablo Wiki Discord.

- Tephra

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Tephra Tephra 23 April 2019

Diablo Wiki Discord

The Diablo Wiki now has a Discord where you can discuss the wiki or just chat about the Diablo series in general.

Go here to get the invite link.

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Dsurian Dsurian 6 August 2018

Points of Interest in D3, by Act

The following is a reminder for me, and may perhaps serve as a checklist for others, in regards to anything I happen to deem worthy of note, pointedly organized on one page, by Act. This list mostly includes aesthetic items, though might include other notes.

  • 1 Act 1
  • 2 Act 2
  • 3 Act 3
  • 4 Act 4
  • 5 Act 5
  • 6 Other

  • Old Tristram Road>Whimsyshire; Sir William, drops Whimsy-themed portrait.
  • The Old Ruins; Anvil of Fury, drops Griswold's Worn Edge. (Norm diff only)
  • The Weeping Hollow; Ravi Lilywhite, drops pet Liv Moore.
  • The Weeping Hollow>Den of the Fallen Level 2; Bishibosh's Remains, drops Wirt's Original Leg.
  • Cemetery of the Forsaken>Development Hell; access to transmogs Incinerator and Rancor.
  • Cathedral Level 1; within square room, Black Mushroom. (Norm diff only)
  • Ca…

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Brainwasher5 Brainwasher5 23 June 2018

Creating the perfect D2 team?

Writing down thoughts for a team I'm putting together.


  • Amazon: Amazons are one of the classes who don't really offer much to directly benefit other party members. They have inner sight and slow missile, both of which aren't really relevant for most situations. Their Valkyrie is not valuable in large team-based games. That being said, javazons are probably some of the most powerful builds in the game, so having at least one is a good idea.
  • Assassin: None of her skills benefit the team as a whole directly. One of the more involved classes to play, though.
  • Barbarian: Battle Orders and Battle Command are tremendously powerful. Shout's good too. The Barb's high damage as well as his item find are great for teamplay. Having at least 1 will …
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SlavestoArmok SlavestoArmok 17 June 2018


HEAVENS FUNKY BUNCH Is a Diablo 3 clan of Nephalem warriors of all classes formed in May 2018 at the end of Season 13 by Veteran player ScottyOnFire and is a recreational clan specializing in Seasons/Bounties and Rifts/Greater Rifts  Heavens Funky Bunch is well known for being a large clan near 150 players with atleast 20+ affilates to the clan from other clans and HFB is well known for their welcoming and kind nature aswell as how nice the community is with many members playing with others helping eachother out, Which is the main motto of the clan is to "Help Eachother Out!"

  • 1 ScottyOnFire
  • 2 Dakotatron
  • 3 Draekhost
  • 4 Dtrain
  • 5 Eddie
  • 6 Gosh
  • 7 Jorakae
  • 8 Lestat
  • 9 Onsanyo
  • 10 Orangemarvin
  • 11 Otay
  • 12 Yalnok
  • 13 Plaindoe
  • 14 Roadblock
  • 15 Witanx
  • 16 Towli
  • 17 Xenith
  • 18 Description/Rules
  • 19…

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Tycio Tycio 8 February 2018

Multiple monitors and eyefinity

Was watching https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Sram2p8euU and reading https://www.actualtools.com/multiplemonitors/how-to-play-diablo-3-on-multiple-monitors-tips-and-tricks.shtml

I have never owned more than one computer monitor at a time, but I was thinking of getting a 1080p to supplement my 1050p for watching bluerays (or maybe one of those expensive 4Ks which are 2160p wide) and thinking this might be fun if I could replay diablo 1 or diablo 2 like this.

Not sure if it woul only work on D3, haven't played that yet.

https://us.battle.net/forums/en/d3/topic/7764666948 appears to view it as an exploit but I want to try it on single player and Attract from a mile away.

https://us.battle.net/forums/en/d3/topic/5150113879 was similar 2012 discus

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TheDoctorOfDocuments TheDoctorOfDocuments 4 January 2018

All My Edits: Part 1

This series will contain all my edited pages in the diablo wiki, per day.

Alright here we go:

and now im tired.

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Brainwasher5 Brainwasher5 23 November 2017

Hammerdin notes

  • 1 Skills
  • 2 Stats
  • 3 Gear
  • 4 Final Thoughts

  • 1 to Prayer, Defiance, Cleansing, Might, Holy Bolt, Smite, Charge (7 points)
  • 20 Blessed Hammer (main attack, max first)
  • 20 Concentration (aura, max second)
  • 20 Vigor (synergy)
  • 20 Blessed Aim (synergy)
  • 20 Holy Shield

Consider shifting some points from Holy Shield to the max resists, maybe.

Str: enough for gear

Dex: enough for 75 block

Ene: nothing

Vit: rest

Prioritize 125% FCR, +skills, res, block, fhr, hp. Apparently mana is not an issue at higher levels with the right gear. List from best to worst.

Crafting practically all caster gear in the beginning will help with mana issues.

Helm: Early game: Lore, Tarnhelm, Radiance

Mid game: Peasant Crown, Rockstopper

Late game: Harlequin Crest, Veil of Steel?

Armor: Early game: Stea…

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Sannse Sannse 11 September 2017

Seeking Volunteer Curators

Hey Diablo Wiki community!

I'm sure you're aware of FANDOM's editorial site, Fandom.com and our coverage of gaming and entertainment news. One of the features of the site is that we curate news from other sites with the intention of providing a full picture of what's happening in the world of gaming and entertainment.

To that end, we're creating a new volunteer group at FANDOM called "Volunteer Curators". What we're looking for are subject matter experts that have deep knowledge of news and features about their favorite games, movies or TV shows - in this case, PC gaming. If you spend a bunch of time on the PC gaming subreddit or follow PC gaming news obsessively, we want to talk to you!

We're looking for people like you to help us round out …

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Leßt Leßt 23 January 2017



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Brainwasher5 Brainwasher5 25 December 2016

Why is Sandstorm Trek so popular?

I have been puzzling over this for years now. Multiple builds recommend Sandstorm Trek for footwear. Taurean's Javazon guide names them "with little doubt the best boots" possible for a Javazon. Hnk's Hammerdin build lists them as the best possible choice (without bothering to state why, despite doing so for other items). These are but two of many, many guides singing praises for Sandstorm Trek over other boots.


Let's examine the statistics.

+140-170% Enhanced Defense  Decent for boots, but a percentage bonus to a relatively small number is still a small boost. Regardless, several other boot types (Upped Gore Rider, Marrowwalk, and such) offer better defense.

+20% Faster Hit Recovery  Nice, I suppose. But nothing eye-opening.

+20% Fast…

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Greggreg2000 Greggreg2000 29 November 2016

Need help understanding

So i just got back into playing diablo 3 on consol. when the seasons come to consol will i have to make a new charcter for it to be in the season or can i keep my main character (64 crusader)?

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Hawki Hawki 6 November 2016

Rise of the Necromancer

So, in light of BlizzCon 2016, the fanbase seems to have given into hatred and started causing destruction. Or, to use a less flowery analogy, pissed off that after a plenthora of free content after Reaper of Souls, are outraged that they have to pay for the necromancer.

Honestly, it's bizzare. Said free content includes new zones, including an entire remake of D1's labyrinth system (which is seasonal for some reason, so yeah, that sucks), but paid content is suddenly out of bounds? I know everyone was hyped up for a more massive announcement, but I can't really fault the amount of content on offer. Especially since in announcements for other games I play (e.g. HotS, StarCraft), I'll still need to pay for a lot of that content.

So, yeah? Exc…

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Brainwasher5 Brainwasher5 6 September 2016

The Twink.

Twinking: using particularly useful, low-level items. Collecting thoughts below.

The best twinks are generally set items, low level uniques, and a very select group of rare and magical affixes. I'll be evaluating each in context of early game. Certain traits become much more valuable in contrast to their late-game counterparts, with FRW and damage becoming more important while survivability is optional due to the low level of danger in the early game.

  • Angelic Raiment: The weapon is godawful. Thankfully the full set's bonuses aren't mind-blowing, and the ring and amulet are superb for their level if put together with the (average) armor. Overall, a 4/5.
  • Arcanna's Tricks: Eh. The amulet's extreme rarity and the mediocrity of the staff set this …
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Hawki Hawki 30 July 2016

Diablo IV

Okay, I've been weighing this issue for quite awhile, and I thought it best to get some feedback. Question is - should there be a Diablo IV article?

Now, yes, the elephant in the room is that D4 doesn't exist, hasn't been announced, and might not even be being worked on. All that's known is that there's some game being worked on, but it could be D3X2, a spin-off, or D4 itself. Usually creating articles based on hypotheticals is a road to disaster, considering that they draw in rampant speculation. That said, there are times when I think a hypothetical product is brought up so many times that it becomes kind of necessary, or at least interesting, to log its history. Half-Life 3 is perhaps the most (in)famous example, but D4 is hardly on the …

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CNBA3 CNBA3 22 July 2016

Diablo's Powers, Feats and Strengths

As this blog sounds like, we are looking at the powers, feats and strengths of Diablo that he has shown so far, this also includes what is demonstrated in the Lore, Cinematics and In-Game.

Diablo is perhaps the most powerful demon known to Sanctuary. and perhaps the most feared.[6] He has the ability to influence the minds of his victims and latch onto their most crippling fears, using a person's own worst fears against them. He has the ability to turn the fears of Men into actual creatures, and even the smallest of fears provide him with power. Deckard Cain argued that Diablo would always remain the most insidious, and most powerful of all the Evils. Tyrael likewise considered Diablo to be "the worst of the Three."

Deckard Cain wrote that d…

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Breywood Breywood 19 July 2016

Diablo II Armor and Weapons with Historical Counterparts. Part 1: Body Armor

Several weapons and armor in Diablo II have actual historical counterparts.  While it is a fantasy setting and especially the elite tier items are mostly fanciful names with impressive numbers, the developers did borrow a number of names of arms and armor that did exist in ancient and medieval times.  While these aren’t seen to be fit as part of the trivia section, I think it is interesting to look at what place these things had in history, and I plan to try to detail most of these in a multi-part blog post. Most of these have articles in wikipedia, and while I'd be loathe to recommend these articles in and of themselves, many of them do provide concise information for history buffs.

  • 1 Quilted Armor
  • 2 Leather Armor
  • 3 Hard Leather Armor
  • 4 Studded L…

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999killshot99 999killshot99 13 June 2016

What is the best Necromancer Item set up?


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999killshot99 999killshot99 13 June 2016

Diablo 2

In Diablo 2 what is the best dropped item?

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Tephra Tephra 5 February 2016

Modern forum poll

Is the Diablo Wiki's forum outdated? Yes, yes it is. Does it need to be changed into the shiny new look that is less versatile, but easier to use? That is the important question, the one which you will decide.


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Brainwasher5 Brainwasher5 30 January 2016

Meteorb notes

There have been a few excellent guides on meteorb (like this ) but there's sooooo much information on them. I'm condensing stuff here for easier reading.

  • 1 Skill Distribution
  • 2 Stats
  • 3 Equipment
    • 3.1 Helm
    • 3.2 Amulet
    • 3.3 Weapon
    • 3.4 Body Armor
    • 3.5 Shield
    • 3.6 Gloves
    • 3.7 Belt
    • 3.8 Boots
    • 3.9 Rings
    • 3.10 Tal Rasha's Set

Cold: 20 Frozen Orb, 5 prerequisites, a total of 17 Cold Mastery (including from +skill items)--at least 26 skill points. Don't bother with ice bolt as the synergy's too tiny to matter and your points are scarce. Cold armors are nice but not essential; you can get them from an orb and save some points. 

Lightning: 1 Static Field, 1 Telekinesis, 1 Teleport--three skill points.

Fire: 1 Warmth, 4 prerequisites, 20 Meteor, 20 Fireball, 10-20 in Fire Mastery, rest i…

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Brainwasher5 Brainwasher5 18 January 2016

Smiter thoughts

The smiter is one of the strongest Paladin builds. Like most conventional paladin builds, one key strength is its near-indestructibility thanks to high resistance potential and huge defense, with good health. The other, most essential strength is its potential to deal tremendous, consistent damage. It's one of the best uber tristram classes IMO. Its biggest weakness is its lack of crowd control and difficulty dealing with physical immunes.


1 point in smite (for PvM). If you run the calculations for maxed smite vs. 1 point of smite, then the largest damage difference (assuming you're running the best gear for damage) comes out to be about a 1,500 damage difference. If you're running most conventional gear, the difference is much small…

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Brainwasher5 Brainwasher5 10 January 2016

Notes about post-lvl 20 skills for editing

Background: the pages on skills in D2 are missing information post level 20. Some practical and philosophical thoughts on how to tackle the matter are in order.

Level 20 is the soft cap on any skill in D2. However this can be boosted, sometimes significantly. I need to figure out how high this cap is. On my current Javazon I have a total of +15 to skills (bringing my level on maxed skills to 35); I can probably still bump this up by at least about 6 levels in equipment alone, and then another +10 or so with skill-boosting grand charms. So we're looking at a hypothetical max of ~50 for most skills (assuming there's no hidden final cap somewhere). However, there are many problems to this.

The first one is that not every skill will have the sam…

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Brainwasher5 Brainwasher5 5 January 2016

Javazon notes

I've never tried to play along with guides so I'm figuring out what's good for Javazons by myself. I'll leave notes down here and edit as an organic way of gathering my thoughts.

Javazons are great because they can rely completely on skills if they needed to. With enough investment in the required skills it's quite possible to do Hell Baal runs with even the crappiest gear bought from a vendor. That being said, Javazons still benefit greatly from equipment, and go from pretty great to god-tier with the right gear.


Strength: If you pick your armor and weapons right, you won't need very much here. The highest I can think of is 156 for a monarch, and then you can subtract a whole bunch of points after you get +strength equipment.

Dex: Uppe…

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Tephra Tephra 23 August 2015

Hardcore Ethics

A point of opinion in Diablo II (not sure if hardcore in Diablo III is comparable). Is it ethical to save and quit a hardcore game during a moment where death is not immediate, but is inevitable? That is a scenario where you are completely surrounded with no escape route, can't get into a portal, can't kill the enemies faster than they are killing you, and are running out of healing potions - is it more honorable to die, or is quitting a valid tactic?

I died during this scenario once and when telling a coworker about how frustrating it was to know I was about to die and couldn't do anything about it, he suggested quitting. The thought had not occurred to me at the time, and it made me even more frustrated to think there had been an out I ha…

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Sapphirewhirlwind Sapphirewhirlwind 30 June 2015

What will the next Diablo 3 expansion be about?

If the rumors are true, then I am really hoping that  we get to fight Imperius or perhaps see a comeback of someone from the Sin War (maybe Lilith or Inarius, anyone?) as more than just a cameo.

If ihe rumors are false, then would it be a mere daydream to hope that they will release Diablo 4 by the end of this decade at least? Or am I to assume that it will follow the footsteps of Warcraft and become another MMORPG?

Other questions on my mind are what happened to Trag'Oul and can we expect that Ithereal will be murdered in some fashion due to the last line of the Prophecy of the End of Days stating his aparrent demise?

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KassraArturia KassraArturia 20 May 2015

Diablo I eternally Ethereal

Although having some serious bugs in its data, yet it's being ethereal because what game could possibly be better than Diablo 1?

What if those major bugs were non-existent?

That would make this game over-ethereal, overwhelmingly heavenly or even absolutely hellish.

Wouldn't you agree?

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Princessmelon Princessmelon 4 May 2015

gamer mad

new to PC gaming n diablo 3 

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Knakveey Knakveey 5 March 2015

Against the Burning Hells

Against the Burning Hells: Diablo III's Road to Redemption with Reaper of Souls

I had the pleasure to attend a talk by Josh Mosqueira; a Lead Game Designer for the Blizzard Diablo team. He wanted to give the folks at GDC a candid look at his journey since he was hired by Blizzard in 2012.

I'll do my best to paraphrase his key points and topics. Be sure to leave any thoughts in the comments below.

  • 1 The Beginning
  • 2 The Downfall
  • 3 Resurrection
  • 4 Conclusion

The atrocious feedback from the players left the Blizzard devs in a state of depression. The office was similar to a funeral home as the team honestly did not care about the sales records, they wanted the users to love the game they had been working on for 10+ years. The servers were overwhelmed and …

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ZanyDragon ZanyDragon 1 March 2015


What does everyone think of Whimsyshire? Rainbows, unicorns, pegasi, and all that?

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Arabs15 Arabs15 4 December 2014

Diablo 1 2 3 Pc Requiraments

What pc Requaraments needed fo diablo 1,2,3.

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Raylan13 Raylan13 5 November 2014

BlizzCon 2014

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Pryamus Pryamus 10 October 2014

Unique Monsters DONE!!!

Today is a great day.

ALL, every single Unique and Super-Unique monster in Diablo III and Reaper of Souls received as much info as available.

531 total monster. I am frightened to think how long it has been...

Anyway, we are the best Diablo wiki in the world, and are one step closer to staying that way forever.

Regarding the said monsters: there is never a release. Some of them did not get screenshots. Some got screenshots, but did not receive extra info. Some are so rare that nobody even knows what type of monsters they are.

Want to help? Take a look at the list below, and if you see those bastards, before you kill them, take a second and write down what it was all about :P

Details and / or Screenshots of Unique monsters: Snoglatch Grimwield (Hig…

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