For the dagger, see The Gidbinn (Diablo II).

"The Gidbinn is an enchanted dagger - a religious artifact greatly valued by the Old Religion, Skatsim." -Alkor


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Blade of the Old Religion is the second quest of Act III. It's initiated after the player completes The Golden Bird and talks to Hratli.


When Mephisto's Hatred spread across the countryside and corrupted the capital city of Kurast, the few uncorrupted survivors fled to the Kurast Docks. In order to protect the dockside from the forces of Evil, the sorcerer-smith Hratli created a magical warding spell that would hold the forces of evil at bay. However, the warding spell seemed to gradually lose its power. Only one ancient artifact had the power to reinforce the spell: The Gidbinn, an ancient blade from the old Skatsimi religion. Sadly, the Blade was lost when the corrupt Zakarum took over the country. The Blade is to be found if the denizens of the Kurast Docks hope to survive.


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The Blade is located in the Flayer Jungle, hidden within a village. Sometimes, the village can be found near the entrance to the Flayer Dungeon. The Gidbinn is found on a distinctive altar-like construct. When players attempt to retrieve it, the altar will erupt in flames and a Unique Flayer will spawn. Killing it yields the Gidbinn. Return it to Ormus to complete the quest (the quest log will direct you to Ormus; if you attempt to give it to Hratli, he will also direct you to Ormus). Talk to Asheara next, she will offer the player the service of an Iron Wolf free of charge. For an additional reward, talk to Ormus to receive a Rare ring.


The location of The Gidbinn

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