The Blackened Temple quest begins when the hero's near the temple of Travincal.

Quest Information

Objective: Kill all the Council Members of Travincal

Quest Giver: Ormus

Completion Dialog: "You have done well, my friend. Your courage and valor are an inspiration to us all. But now, the time has come to face the ones repsonsible for the evil that has stifled our land. You must destroy the High Council of Zakarum! Long ago, these elders were charged with the stewardship of Mephisto, the Lord of Hatred, who was imprisoned in the Guardian Tower."

The High Council of Zakarum

Travincal's design is constant, that is, the area is always the same, unlike most parts of the game. The Council is here consistently from gameplay to gameplay.

It is in the main temple of Travincal. It consists in 6 normal Council Members, plus 3 Super unique council members: they are Ismail Vilehand, Toorc Icefist and Geleb Flamefinger. All are capable of a magical and a physical attack, they can heal between them and other monsters and can cast Hydra. Sometimes they are accompanied by Travincal's common units, Zealots, Heirophants and Blood Lords.


There's a high probability that these Council members will drop Magic Items, these items being part of the player's reward. Also, one of the Super Unique council members drops a Quest Item, the Khalim's Flail, last piece of the Khalim's Will. Once armed, it must be used to break the Compelling Orb, which is in the same temple as the Council. Once this quest is completed, all Zealots will flee from the player if the player draws near to them.

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