Berserker Axe is an One-Handed Elite Axe in Diablo II, but it borrows the sprite and inventory icon from its Normal tier cousin, the War Axe. In terms of damage per second, it is the most heavily damaging one-handed melee weapon in the game for all but the Barbarians. The Barbarians can make use of a Colossus Sword for slightly more powerful damage and attack range while still being able to use a shield or dual wield, but that doesn't make the Berserker Axe any less useful for them.

Stats Edit

  • Damage: 24 - 71 (47.5 avg)
  • Level Requirement: 64
  • Strength Requirement: 138
  • Dexterity Requirement: 59
  • Range: 3
  • Fast Attack Speed
  • Durability: 26
  • Sockets: 6
  • Quality Level: 85

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