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Bastions of Will is a minor item set in Diablo III. Both pieces require a character level of 70 to drop.


Set Bonus (2 items):

  • Resource-generating or Primary skills grant 50% increased damage for 5 seconds, and resource spender skills grant 50% increased damage for 5 seconds the first time they hit an enemy.

For Demon Hunters, both Hatred and Discipline count as resources. The damage enhancing effects do not stack from multiple casts, and the damage bonuses are multiplicative to other similar bonuses and to each other. The two buffs for 50% (from resource generating skills and from resource spenders) do stack, giving a total of 125% increased damage (1.5 x 1.5 = 2.25), but do not renew each other.

Skills that generate resources at once (not over time), but are not Primary, also benefit from this set. However, skills that do not hit anything (be it object or enemy) do not provide a damage bonus.

Skills that cost no resources due to permanent enhancements (such as Blessed Shield with Gyrfalcon's Foote) will not trigger the spender bonus.

This set is an alternative to common Jewelry pairs (such as Endless Walk, Stone of Jordan, Unity, Convention of the Elements or Ring of Royal Grandeur) in the endgame, and works best with builds that rely on both Primary and Secondary skills, such as Demon Hunters making use of Unhallowed Essence.


Originally, this set was empowering resource-spending attacks made while at full resource.

Bastions of Will

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