The Bastard Sword is the king of 1-handed swords, and perhaps the king of 1-handed weapons in the game. It is by far the most popular sword type with Warriors, with its damage range being decent, while still allowing shield usage. It is impossible to top its stats without access to Hellfire and the Barbarian class, and even then, it may not be a wise move for them.


  • Damage: 6 - 15
  • Durability: 60
  • Requirements: 50 Strength
  • Price: 1000
  • Quality level: 10

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The Darkening of TristramEdit


In Diablo III, in the time-lost version of the Labyrinth, many Unique Monsters drop a sword dubbed King's Sword of Haste, which is a reference to the most sought-after combo for this blade.

The royal blacksmith received an order to create this sword for King Leoric, but it was canceled a short time later, meaning this weapon never should have existed...

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