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Band of the Rue Chambers is a Legendary ring in Diablo III. It requires character level 31 to drop.

It is specifically designed for Monks, enhancing their Spirit generation (from primary skills only). However, in the endgame, most builds are focusing on Epiphany, which makes this ring less useful than it might seem.

Stats (Level 31)[]


Band of the Rue Chambers
Legendary Ring


"Rue chambers are rooms within templar strongholds where penitents are reeducated through the harshest of means. Here, they renounce their past sins and give their lives over to the cause of the Zakarum. The zealous faith engendered by scourge and whip in the rue chambers were captured in this ring, forged from barbs that once mortified the flesh of early converts to the order." — Abd al-Hazir