"I can never go back there again...I can never risk hurting anyone ever again."


Azgar was a Druid.


Early LifeEdit

"When I was young, I was trained in the ways of the warrior. My father trained me as his father had trained him. My younger brother, Grey, looked up to us both."


Azgar in his youth

As a youth, Azgar was trained by his father, while his younger brother, Grey, looked up to them both. His training consisted of swordsplay, keeping his village safe, and spiritual studies. While carrying out these studies, he began to manifest lycanthropic abilities, which is Clan Skeld called "the gift of the spiritbeast." He was urged to meditate, in order to master his skill. He committed himself to the task, but one day, lost control and transformed into a Werebear. Losing himself to the transformation, instinct bid that he run to the only place of comfort that he knew...home.


Azgar sees the results of his rampage

Home was his village, and his people ran away in terror. Entering his tent, he found Grey there, and in his rage, severely wounded. It was at this moment that Azgar realized what he had done, and reverted to his human form. Thinking that he had killed his brother, he fled the village, hiding in the forest and evading the Druids (his father included) that searched for him. He knew that he could never afford to return to his village, lest his rage get the better of him again. To his joy, he learnt that Grey was still alive, though his attack had blinded him. He spent his remaining days defending the village from the undead.[1]


"Y-you are Azgar the Druid! Son of Vane! Warrior of the noble Clan of Skeld!"
"Warrior of the Skeld Clan? Not for many generations, cub!"

Azgar and his visitor(src)

Azgar in battle

Years after his exile, Azgar was found by a child of his village, who told him that minions of Baal (who was marching on Mount Arreat) were threatening the village. All of their warriors were away on a different offensive, and only a handful of guards were left to defend the village. Without aid, they wouldn't survive. Azgar told the child his story, who while surprised to hear his version of events, nonetheless still pleaded with him to come to their aid. Azgar relented, and found his kindred under attack by demons. Azgar leapt into the fray with his sword, and as the demons overwhelmed him, took on his Werebear form. Azgar slew all the demons, but one of them fatally impaled him.


Grey cradles his brother's body

Azgar fell to the ground in his human form, dying. Grey, who was still alive, came to him, telling Azgar that he never held him responsible for what had happened all those years ago, and that he knew that Azgar had always been watching over them. Before Azgar died, he told him he would always have a place of honor within the clan.[1]


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