This page is about the weapon type "Axes". For the individual weapon, see Axe.

"One-handed axes are cleaving weapons with wooden or metal hafts. They’re less precise than swords or daggers, but they compensate with flesh-chopping power."

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An Axe is a type of weapon having a sharp edge on a single side or both sides, that is useful in breaking and cutting through more flexible material, while working well on harder material as well. It is seen in the Diablo series games and is the choice of weapon of the Barbarian. While axes may be one-handed or two-handed, only in Diablo III the latter are a separate class.

Diablo I[edit | edit source]

In Diablo I, all axes were two-handed and were the weapon of choice for the Warrior and, in the expansion, the Barbarian

Diablo II[edit | edit source]

Diablo II Axes
Diablo II Unique Axes
Normal Axes — The Gnasher (Hand Axe) • Deathspade (Axe) • Bladebone (Double Axe) • Skull Splitter (Military Pick) • Rakescar (War Axe) • Axe of Fechmar (Large Axe) • Goreshovel (Broad Axe) • The Chieftain (Battle Axe) • Brainhew (Great Axe) • Humongous (Giant Axe)
Exceptional Axes — Coldkill (Hatchet) • Butcher's Pupil (Cleaver) • Islestrike (Twin Axe) • Pompeii's Wrath (Crowbill) • Guardian Naga (Naga) • Warlord's Trust (Military Axe) • Spellsteel (Bearded Axe) • Stormrider (Tabar) • Boneslayer Blade (Gothic Axe) • The Minotaur (Ancient Axe)
Elite Axes — Razor's Edge - (Tomahawk) • Rune Master (Ettin Axe) • Cranebeak (War Spike) • Death Cleaver (Berserker Axe) • Ethereal Edge (Silver-Edged Axe) • Hellslayer (Decapitator) • Messerschmidt's Reaver (Champion Axe) • Executioner's Justice (Glorious Axe)

Diablo III[edit | edit source]

Axes are faster than maces in Diablo III, but slower than swords. All three weapon types can be transmogrified into each other freely.

Barbarian's Mighty Weapons are often shaped like Axes.

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