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Aura is a type of skill used by Paladins, Druid's spirits, Desert Mercenaries and certain Unique Monsters. It passively affects either the caster and all nearby allies, or all nearby enemies. There are two types of Auras: Defensive Auras and Offensive Auras.

An example of an offensive Aura is the Holy Freeze Aura, which slows any affected target and inflicts Cold damage. An example of a defensive Aura is the Paladin's Resist Lightning Aura, which increases the Lightning Resistance for the Paladin and all party members.

A single target may be affected by more than one different Aura, though only one graphic will show at a time (the graphics will alternate). Same Auras will not stack, a weaker one being suppressed.

An Aura is a semi-Passive skill, in that it usually requires no Mana (although Prayer drains Mana over time while active), and can be kept on as long as possible. In return, Aura is only active while focused, occupying the RMB skill slot, and is dropped immediately when switched. Only one Aura of any type can be active per Paladin at a time.

Some Auras provide a minor passive bonus when inactive; an example may be Resist Fire, which still increases the maximum (not current) Fire resistance by half of usual value even when turned off or replaced with a different Aura. Many Auras also synergize with other skills, enhancing the Paladin's attacks even when turned off.

A single caster can only have one Aura active at a time. However, auras different that the skill-granted one, granted by items will be active even if item wielder has another Aura. If multiple items grant the same Aura, each Item will act with the Level of the combined Auras. It can lead to powerful combinations, such as stacked Holy Shock from double Dream or Holy Fire from double Dragon and Hand of Justice.

Items with auras[]

The following table contains items which grant auras, and can be used to plan stacking them by looking at which slot combinations are possible.

Items with auras
Aura source slot skill level
Resist Fire Flickering Flame helm 4-8
Cleansing Plague weapon (sword, dagger, katar) 13-17
Cure helm 1
Defiance Exile shield (Paladin) 13-16
Vigor Harmony 2H weapon (missile weapon) 10
Meditation Insight 2H weapon (polearm, staff, missile weapon) 12-17
Redemption Phoenix weapon 10-15
Might Last Wish weapon (sword, hammer, axe) 17
Holy Fire Dragon armor 14
Hand of Justice weapon 16
Thorns Edge 2H weapon (missile weapon) 15
Bramble armor 15-21
Concentration Pride 2H weapon (polearm, spear) 16-20
Mist 2H weapon (missile weapon) 8-12
Holy Freeze Doom weapon (axe, hammer, polearm) 12
Ice 2H weapon (missile weapon) 18
Holy Shock Dream helm 15
Sanctuary Azurewrath weapon (sword) 10-13
Lawbringer weapon (sword, hammer, scepter) 16-18
Fanaticism Beast weapon (axe, hammer, scepter) 9
Faith 2H weapon (missile weapon) 12-15
Hustle weapon 1
Conviction Infinity 2H weapon (polearm, spear) 12

Diablo III[]

In Diablo III, Auras partially return in form of Monk Mantras and Crusader Laws.

Unlike Auras, these skills have both passive and active effect, providing a bonus that can be greatly increased for a short time by manually activating the skill.

Necromancer's Frailty curse and Devour skill can be used as auras with respective runes.